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FU IN C.M. Enterprise Corporation is a professional crystal/glass doorknobs and cabinet pulls hardware manufacturer located in Changhua County, Taiwan. The company was established in 1977 and cooperates with many partners around the world such as USA, UK, and JAPAN.
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For over 40 years of experience, our goal is to reach the high-end quality product and deliver to anyone who loves to deco their dream house. FU IN creations brings your vision with a classical and elegant lifestyle. For crystal doorknob design, we bring you a wide range of styles and sharps. It is combined with the solid brass base and completed with your preference-matching color, polish, and lacquered. Each production from our factory is processed with SOP and follows company regulations. We believe in these ways, our product quality and service will meet your demand.
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Our service is not just to provide general products to our clients but also to provide customized products such as OEM and ODM. In this way, our client can have a comprehensive range of unique items. We can do all in one service so there is no need to waste more time looking up other workshops. This will increase your time efficiency and decrease unnecessary costs. FU IN will be the best partner for your doorknob hardware design.
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